Pirate sites continue to close but…..

is this really resolving the problem? The closure of IsoHunt and the $110,000,000+ in damages is another victory for the music and movie industry and highlights that copyright infringement law in its current guise is sufficiently robust to tackle the major infringers. However, as we all know from the past experience of Megaupload, Napster and Piratebay – as one site shuts another is inevitably set up. A number of countries including the UK continue to look at ways to attack the problem from the end-user side with things like “three strikes and your out” methods being a popular approach to discourage the lowly individual from embarking on file sharing.

The problem with the above (irrespective of whether it is the user or the provider that is attacked) is that both the music and movie industry are failing to address the underlining cause. There will always be people that look for something for nothing so irrespective of legal or technical solutions that are adopted – infringement will continue.

However, we live in a global world now where individuals are looking for more flexibility in what they watch and listen to and where and when they can do it. The industry needs to adapt to the changing habits and needs of its customers and rather than constantly trying to deal with the issue by the stick – what we all need is the carrot. Instant access (and not just streaming but also downloading!) that removes geographical boundaries for a reasonable and controlled cost will be as equal a deterrent from illegal file sharing as any expensive legal action.

So whilst the closure of file sharing sites will no doubt continue  pace – lets remove or restrict the need for them and have the industry listen to its customers and adapt. #ITlegal